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Since 2015 the Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2015 (CDM 15) manage Health, Safety and welfare in the construction industry. The CDM 15 regulations places legal responsibilities on those involved in construction products giving them individual titles and roles.

- The Client – Anyone for whom the construction project is carried out.
- The Principal Contractor – manages the construction phase of the project
- The Principal Designer – manages the health and safety and pre-construction phase of the project.

CDM 15 requires that certain documents are produced and in place before you can get to work to work on your project.
- Pre - construction Information Plan – Produced by the Principal Designer, containing an outline of your project and outlining all health and safety considerations your project should be aware of before work begins on site.
- F10 Notification – Notification of your project to the HSE is a legal requirement if your project is going to last longer than 30 days, have more than 20 workers working simultaneously or is going to last more than 500 person days.
- Construction Phase Plan – Produced by the Principal Contractor this document will include the arrangements for managing health and safety on site, the site rules and identify specific measures to control risk on site.
- The Health & Safety File – A record for the client at the end of the project focusing on health and safety providing information to be dealt with during future maintenance works.

At RDB we act as your Principal Designer managing the pre-construction phase of your project, ensuring compliance with CDM 15 and giving you peace of mind.

Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2015

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Principal Designer

Any project with more than one trade contractor requires the appointment of a Principal Designer by the Client. The Principal Designer will identify and control risks, produce a Pre-Construction Information Plan, work with the clients designers to eliminate risk in the design and ensure the appointed Principal Contractor complies with CDM 15.

At RDB we fulfil the Principal Designer role

- Dedicated CDM Advisor
RDB offer all of our clients a dedicated CDM advisor who will ensure you as the client are fully compliant with the CDM2015 regulations.

- F10 form management
RDB ensure all appropriate paperwork is submitted to the HSE before and during your construction project.

- Attend initial site meeting’s to identify existing Health & Safety issues.
Your RDB advisor will attend scope meetings and visit your site before construction begins to ensure existing Health & Safety problems are identified and eliminated.

- Review Designs
We will review your designs and work with your designers to eliminate Health & Safety Risks at the design stage.

- Issue a Pre-Construction Information Plan
After we have scoped the site will produce a document identifying all health and safety issues identified on site and with the work planned. This document will be provided to the client and the Principal Contractor ensuring compliance with CDM2015.

- Review the Construction Phase Plan
We will review the Construction Phase Plan produced by the Principal Contractor to ensure it is suitable for the project and identifies relevant Health and Safety issues.

- Perform Site Health & Safety Inspection
RDB will monitor work when it has begun on site and will carry out a Health and Safety Inspection on site to ensure the Principal Contractor is maintaining a safe working environment.

- Produce a Health & Safety File
As your appointed Principal Designer we will provide you with a completed Health & Safety O&M file when work on site is completed. This is a record of information, focusing on health and safety which will be required during future construction work, maintenance and repair.

Safety Audits

All business owners know that following health and safety regulations and having appropriate health and safety procedures is vital for any business.

Site H & S Inspections

Ensuring construction sites are run in a safe and legal way is vital for both clients and workers. One way of insuring a site is safe is to carry out a Site Health and Safety Inspections. Site inspections will ensure appropriate welfare is in place, paperwork is located on site, and all regulations are being followed by the appointed Principal Contractors.

As well as carrying out site Health and Safety Inspections as part of our role as Principal Designers RDB will carry out one off Health and Safety Inspections giving clients the peace of mind that there construction site is safe. Please contact us for costs.

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